Impeachment by the book

Impeachment by the book.
The Bob Woodword pending “tell all” on the Trump White house is now – what? – tenth, fifteenth attack-piece on the 45-th President.
This president has only been in office fewer than two years and we have book after book slamming him personally – never on policy.
They only attack on how the sausage is made not how it tastes to the American people.
The answer is because that’s all the fascist left has.
President Trump is delivering on what he promised to the American people:
Lower taxes, less government, fewer regulations, better trade deals, improved border security, a reinvigorated military and pride – a rejuvenated America on the international stage.
So, these phony books can only attack the President on alleged “inside the White House” stuff that may or may not have ever occurred.
How many tell all books, critical of Barack Obama were published while the 44-th president was in office?
Can’t think of a one – not one.
That’s because the people behind these publishing houses loved Obama and hate Trump.
It’s a cabal of publishers that likely killed any anti-Obama book while they encourage people like Woodword to produce pieces largely constructed of unnamed or anonymous sources.
They are hit pieces.
Their goal is to sell books, yes.
But that’s secondary.
The primary motivation of these publishers is to build an impeachment case for the American people against President Trump book by deceitful book.

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