Rushing to collusion in the N.F.L.

 Rushing to collusion in the N.F.L.

There is a conspiracy in America’s Sport.

It’s collusion on such a massive an orchestrated scale that it makes the Mueller matter chump change.

But now, this NFL cabal is exposed for all the world to see.

ESPN re-affirmed a policy that it and the other TV networks have adhered to for many, many years.

The networks that air professional football will not include in their telecasts the playing, or signing, of the national anthem.

Now, clearly running commercials during the anthem is an avenue to more cash for the networks, team ownership and the league.

However, not showing the anthem in this current climate is much more nefarious than that.

ESPN and the others are attempting to conceal from the American people the truth.

They are providing cover for the malcontent, anti-American athletes on the field – or hiding like cowards in the locker room – who are choosing to disrespect the flag and the anthem and this Republic and we the people.

These networks are shielding from patriotic Americans the radical, anti-constitutional hand gestures by these over-paid fools on the field.

So, what do we have here?

A league that will not act demonstrably to end this subversive behavior by its employees.

A majority of team ownership that cares more about money to be made in this country than acknowledging the people who sacrificed to allow them to get rich.

And a cabal of TV networks who are conspiring to allow all of the above to transpire, shielding the players in their attack on the very people who pay their salaries – the fans.

That… is collusion of the highest and most disgusting degree.#

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