Stop the fiscal immorality of Washington DC

Stop the fiscal immorality of Washington DC.
On the one hand, the federal government is collecting individual tax revenue at a record clip.
One point seven trillion dollars.
However, the tax burden, as usual, is not spread evenly among all Americans.
In fact, it’s not even close.
The top 50% of taxpayers fork-over 97% of individual taxes.
50% pay 97%.
On the other hand, the federal government continues to operate in the red.
This past fiscal year, these temporary politicians – both Republican and Democrat – dumped another 800-billion dollars on top of the national debt.
That puts the national debt at very close to 22-trillion dollars.
And remember, this fiscal insanity, this profligate spending, this assault on the future of this republic, is being done with full Republican control of both the Congress and the White House.
It is absolutely pitiful what these criminals are getting away with in the public sector that they would go to jail for in the private sector.
It is immoral.
The income tax alone Is an attack on our personal liberty.
That’s bad enough.
But throw-in a massive operating debt – not to mention the unfunded liability – and we are talking systemic, generational, governmental sin.
So, how do we stop it?
We the people.
The American people, using the Constitution, are the only remaining emergency break that exists in our Republic that can stop the absolute fiscal immorality of Washington DC.#

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