The Democrat victory at the border

The Democrat victory at the border.
The war we are fighting against the illegal alien invasion is on two fronts.
The first is down along the US, Mexico border which is a national security joke.
Not only is much of our southern border vulnerable to penetration by any foreign entity, but our current immigration laws have transformed our sovereign perimeter into a beacon for lawbreakers who chose to take advantage of American generosity and/or stupidity.
Think about it.
These illegals from central America are simply walking up to border agents are requesting asylum.
And they are doing-so in increasing numbers.
There is a surge of illegals violating our border claiming to be refugees.
Why this sudden resurgence at the border?
The answer is the second of the two fronts in the war on illegals: the politics of Washington DC.
Of course, they are breaking into our republic again because the Republican leadership in Washington DC is weak – it’s pathetic.
Instead of changing the law that allows these illegals to simply walk up to our border agents and claim asylum, these temporary politicians who call themselves Republicans do nothing.
And this inaction sends a green light to would-be illegals to come on up and cross our border illegally because these alien families will be kept together and will be released into our society, never to be heard from again.
This is an attack on our rule of law and our sovereignty which spells victory for the radical agenda of the modern Democrat party.#

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