The greatest PR blunder since 1985

The greatest PR blunder since 1985.
Nike… just did it.
The company choosing to use the person behind what tens of millions of Americans consider an Anti-American movement as its main, fall 2018 marketing tool.
Colin Kaepernick.
The disgraced, discarded, former NFL quarterback is now the face of Nike.
Clearly, Nike knew what it was doing here.
The company must be thinking that the reward could be greater than the risk..
And, possibly, by embracing Kaepernick, the entire not standing for the anthem and the flag controversy might be legitimized.
Maybe Nike thinks it can force the NFL’s hand to find a solution to the problem of overpaid, malcontent players attacking the very country that makes them rich.
Or, maybe Nike is just plain stupid.
Whatever the motivation, Nike has a problem now.
Boycott NFL has now expanded to include boycott Nike.
Instead of wearing them, fans are now burning Nike shoes.
Nike stock plummeted.
And Americans are turning to Puma or Adidas.
What a miscalculation.
What a mistake.
Yes, its not unlike 33 years ago when Coca Cola changed its formula.
Nike should issue a quick and convincing mea culpa and replace Kaepernick with a red White and Blue marketing campaign that denounces the protest on the field.
Otherwise, Nike could end up like New Coke.

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