The mainstream media’s effort to depress the Republican vote

The mainstream media’s effort to depress the Republican vote.
It has started again.
It’s the 2016 election cycle all over again.
The mainstream media producing designed to throttle republican voters fewer than two months before the 2018 general, mid-term election.
Associated press.
Grim warnings for White House, Republicans ahead of election.
Frist line in this bias hit-piece: The prognosis for President Donald Trump and his party was grim.
The story goes on to chronicle an alleged meeting at the White House on what factors are driving people to the polls.
According to this story, it’s not the wonderful economy.
It is Donald Trump.
OK, fine.
Let this election be a referendum on the 45th president.
His record is clear: lower taxes, less government, stronger military and national security.
What more could an American citizen want?
These stories from the mainstream media are pieces of journalism.
They are pieces of garbage.
So, don’t fall for it.
Reject this propagandist, yellow journalism whose the goal is to depress trump supporters so severely that they will not vote.#

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