The yellow journalistic New York Times Op-ed

The yellow journalistic New York Times Op-ed.
This latest hit-piece against the 45th President from the newspaper of record, did its job.
This anonymous op-ed created a news cycle fire-storm just in time for the release of the Bob Woodward hit-piece.
Isn’t that convenient.
Isn’t that a coincidence.
Woodward uses un-named sources to write an attack book against President Trump.
And the New York Times uses an un-named source to create the illusion that President Trump is somehow unfit for office.
They event brought up the 25th Amendment again.
This is rich.
And it’s also ignorant.
The 25th Amendment actually has a higher Constitutional threshold than impeachment.
It would take a majority of the President’s cabinet – on the record – claiming that the president is incapacitated and a majority of both bodied of Congress to remove Donald Trump.
Neither has come close to happening.
And neither will.
There’s really nothing new in the New York Times’ latest assault on this president.
It’s the same old narrative that was proffered during the 2016 campaign… that somehow Donald Trump is not fit to be president.
He’s fit enough to give us all a tax cut.
He’s fit enough to re-regulate and reduce the size of government.
He’s fit enough to try to denuclearize our enemy.
But, according to the Democrat- Media cabal, Donald trump is not fit for the oval office and Barack Obama was.
In its silence on the Constitutionally disastrous previous president and its wanton, ongoing attacks on the current president, the new York Times is indeed defining Yellow Journalism.#

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