Why Florida voters should believe the polls and prove them wrong

Why Florida voters should believe the polls and prove them wrong.
Two major polls have come out since the primary election in the sunshine state.
Both point to a problem.
Both put the Democrat candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, ahead of republican candidate Congressman Ron deSantis.
Both should be taken seriously.
Now, we know that polls can be wrong.
Donald Trump did a pretty good job of proving that.
But if we read between the lines of these polls, then we can see what they are truly measuring:
Voter engagement and enthusiasm.
The Democrat base is focused.
These voters are determined to send a message to President Trump.
They want this mid-term election to be a referendum on the 45th president.
They are aiming to defeat deSantis who won a big endorsement from the president in the primary.
If they can punish deSantis, then they will have punished President Trump.
That’s the way they think.
However, this race for governor of Florida is far from finished.
These polls are a warning.
And this warning should be transformed into motivation.
The Republican and independent base of voters in Florida do not want Bernie Sanders’ Medicaid for all, massive expansion of government, and punishing higher taxes.
Gillum is a socialist.
DeSantis is a conservative.
So, Florida voters… please, prove these pollsters wrong again in 2018 just like 2016.

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