Stop the fiscal immorality of Washington DC

Stop the fiscal immorality of Washington DC.
On the one hand, the federal government is collecting individual tax revenue at a record clip.
One point seven trillion dollars.
However, the tax burden, as usual, is not spread evenly among all Americans.
In fact, it’s not even close.
The top 50% of taxpayers fork-over 97% of individual taxes.
50% pay 97%.
On the other hand, the federal government continues to operate in the red.
This past fiscal year, these temporary politicians – both Republican and Democrat – dumped another 800-billion dollars on top of the national debt.
That puts the national debt at very close to 22-trillion dollars.
And remember, this fiscal insanity, this profligate spending, this assault on the future of this republic, is being done with full Republican control of both the Congress and the White House.
It is absolutely pitiful what these criminals are getting away with in the public sector that they would go to jail for in the private sector.
It is immoral.
The income tax alone Is an attack on our personal liberty.
That’s bad enough.
But throw-in a massive operating debt – not to mention the unfunded liability – and we are talking systemic, generational, governmental sin.
So, how do we stop it?
We the people.
The American people, using the Constitution, are the only remaining emergency break that exists in our Republic that can stop the absolute fiscal immorality of Washington DC.#


Why Florida voters should believe the polls and prove them wrong

Why Florida voters should believe the polls and prove them wrong.
Two major polls have come out since the primary election in the sunshine state.
Both point to a problem.
Both put the Democrat candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, ahead of republican candidate Congressman Ron deSantis.
Both should be taken seriously.
Now, we know that polls can be wrong.
Donald Trump did a pretty good job of proving that.
But if we read between the lines of these polls, then we can see what they are truly measuring:
Voter engagement and enthusiasm.
The Democrat base is focused.
These voters are determined to send a message to President Trump.
They want this mid-term election to be a referendum on the 45th president.
They are aiming to defeat deSantis who won a big endorsement from the president in the primary.
If they can punish deSantis, then they will have punished President Trump.
That’s the way they think.
However, this race for governor of Florida is far from finished.
These polls are a warning.
And this warning should be transformed into motivation.
The Republican and independent base of voters in Florida do not want Bernie Sanders’ Medicaid for all, massive expansion of government, and punishing higher taxes.
Gillum is a socialist.
DeSantis is a conservative.
So, Florida voters… please, prove these pollsters wrong again in 2018 just like 2016.


The mainstream media’s effort to depress the Republican vote

The mainstream media’s effort to depress the Republican vote.
It has started again.
It’s the 2016 election cycle all over again.
The mainstream media producing designed to throttle republican voters fewer than two months before the 2018 general, mid-term election.
Associated press.
Grim warnings for White House, Republicans ahead of election.
Frist line in this bias hit-piece: The prognosis for President Donald Trump and his party was grim.
The story goes on to chronicle an alleged meeting at the White House on what factors are driving people to the polls.
According to this story, it’s not the wonderful economy.
It is Donald Trump.
OK, fine.
Let this election be a referendum on the 45th president.
His record is clear: lower taxes, less government, stronger military and national security.
What more could an American citizen want?
These stories from the mainstream media are pieces of journalism.
They are pieces of garbage.
So, don’t fall for it.
Reject this propagandist, yellow journalism whose the goal is to depress trump supporters so severely that they will not vote.#


The Democrat victory at the border

The Democrat victory at the border.
The war we are fighting against the illegal alien invasion is on two fronts.
The first is down along the US, Mexico border which is a national security joke.
Not only is much of our southern border vulnerable to penetration by any foreign entity, but our current immigration laws have transformed our sovereign perimeter into a beacon for lawbreakers who chose to take advantage of American generosity and/or stupidity.
Think about it.
These illegals from central America are simply walking up to border agents are requesting asylum.
And they are doing-so in increasing numbers.
There is a surge of illegals violating our border claiming to be refugees.
Why this sudden resurgence at the border?
The answer is the second of the two fronts in the war on illegals: the politics of Washington DC.
Of course, they are breaking into our republic again because the Republican leadership in Washington DC is weak – it’s pathetic.
Instead of changing the law that allows these illegals to simply walk up to our border agents and claim asylum, these temporary politicians who call themselves Republicans do nothing.
And this inaction sends a green light to would-be illegals to come on up and cross our border illegally because these alien families will be kept together and will be released into our society, never to be heard from again.
This is an attack on our rule of law and our sovereignty which spells victory for the radical agenda of the modern Democrat party.#


Placing blame on the wrong president for the wrong event

Placing blame on the wrong president for the wrong event.
The Washington Post editorial board is really topping themselves now.
They have released quite a political opinion piece on Hurricane Florence.
Now, normal, non-bias, Constitution-loving Americans, would ask how could the Washington Post politically editorialize over a yet-to unfold natural event?
Donald trump, that’s how.
This rag of a newspaper is obsessed with attacking the 45th President anytime, anywhere and on any subject including a pending hurricane.
The Post writes, “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.”
That’s right.
President Trump is complicit in this natural weather event that’s about to strike the Carolinas, according to the geniuses at Washington DC’s newspaper of record.
They recon that because this president did the right thing and removed the United States from the Paris climate accord that somehow Donald Trump conspired to create a category four hurricane.
I have a question:
Did the Post accuse Barack Obama of being “complicit” in the murder of for Americans in Benghazi?
Did it accuse Obama of being “complicit” in the murder of a federal agent in Mexico because of his administration’s gun scheme?
Did the post accuse the 44th president of being “complicit” in trying to fix the outcome of the 2016 presidential election?
No, to all of the above.
Clearly, the Washington Post editorial board is accusing the wrong president of the wrong crime.#


The yellow journalistic New York Times Op-ed

The yellow journalistic New York Times Op-ed.
This latest hit-piece against the 45th President from the newspaper of record, did its job.
This anonymous op-ed created a news cycle fire-storm just in time for the release of the Bob Woodward hit-piece.
Isn’t that convenient.
Isn’t that a coincidence.
Woodward uses un-named sources to write an attack book against President Trump.
And the New York Times uses an un-named source to create the illusion that President Trump is somehow unfit for office.
They event brought up the 25th Amendment again.
This is rich.
And it’s also ignorant.
The 25th Amendment actually has a higher Constitutional threshold than impeachment.
It would take a majority of the President’s cabinet – on the record – claiming that the president is incapacitated and a majority of both bodied of Congress to remove Donald Trump.
Neither has come close to happening.
And neither will.
There’s really nothing new in the New York Times’ latest assault on this president.
It’s the same old narrative that was proffered during the 2016 campaign… that somehow Donald Trump is not fit to be president.
He’s fit enough to give us all a tax cut.
He’s fit enough to re-regulate and reduce the size of government.
He’s fit enough to try to denuclearize our enemy.
But, according to the Democrat- Media cabal, Donald trump is not fit for the oval office and Barack Obama was.
In its silence on the Constitutionally disastrous previous president and its wanton, ongoing attacks on the current president, the new York Times is indeed defining Yellow Journalism.#


Impeachment by the book

Impeachment by the book.
The Bob Woodword pending “tell all” on the Trump White house is now – what? – tenth, fifteenth attack-piece on the 45-th President.
This president has only been in office fewer than two years and we have book after book slamming him personally – never on policy.
They only attack on how the sausage is made not how it tastes to the American people.
The answer is because that’s all the fascist left has.
President Trump is delivering on what he promised to the American people:
Lower taxes, less government, fewer regulations, better trade deals, improved border security, a reinvigorated military and pride – a rejuvenated America on the international stage.
So, these phony books can only attack the President on alleged “inside the White House” stuff that may or may not have ever occurred.
How many tell all books, critical of Barack Obama were published while the 44-th president was in office?
Can’t think of a one – not one.
That’s because the people behind these publishing houses loved Obama and hate Trump.
It’s a cabal of publishers that likely killed any anti-Obama book while they encourage people like Woodword to produce pieces largely constructed of unnamed or anonymous sources.
They are hit pieces.
Their goal is to sell books, yes.
But that’s secondary.
The primary motivation of these publishers is to build an impeachment case for the American people against President Trump book by deceitful book.


The greatest PR blunder since 1985

The greatest PR blunder since 1985.
Nike… just did it.
The company choosing to use the person behind what tens of millions of Americans consider an Anti-American movement as its main, fall 2018 marketing tool.
Colin Kaepernick.
The disgraced, discarded, former NFL quarterback is now the face of Nike.
Clearly, Nike knew what it was doing here.
The company must be thinking that the reward could be greater than the risk..
And, possibly, by embracing Kaepernick, the entire not standing for the anthem and the flag controversy might be legitimized.
Maybe Nike thinks it can force the NFL’s hand to find a solution to the problem of overpaid, malcontent players attacking the very country that makes them rich.
Or, maybe Nike is just plain stupid.
Whatever the motivation, Nike has a problem now.
Boycott NFL has now expanded to include boycott Nike.
Instead of wearing them, fans are now burning Nike shoes.
Nike stock plummeted.
And Americans are turning to Puma or Adidas.
What a miscalculation.
What a mistake.
Yes, its not unlike 33 years ago when Coca Cola changed its formula.
Nike should issue a quick and convincing mea culpa and replace Kaepernick with a red White and Blue marketing campaign that denounces the protest on the field.
Otherwise, Nike could end up like New Coke.


Legal abortion as accepted law

Legal abortion as accepted law.

What is Roe versus Wade?

What is Roe v. Wade?

It’s a court ruling.

In 1973, a majority of unelected, unaccountable to the people, lawyers dressed in black robes decided to allow abortions in this Republic to occur.

The Congress did not pass a law legalizing abortion.

The President did not sign into law any such legislation.


The third branch of government made a ruling.

That’s it.

But  – years later, we have intelligent and not-so intelligent members of our government indicating that Roe versus Wade is “established, settled law”.

Senator Susan Collins is quoting Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh as saying that Roe v. Wade is established, settled law.


Roe versus Wade is a decision – period.

It is not law.

So, hopefully, the seasoned Senator from Maine got it wrong – maybe she misunderstood Kavanaugh.

Hopefully, what judge Kavanaugh said was that Roe v. Wade is established, settled “cased law” or an established, settled ruling.

Otherwise, we have two problems.

On the Senator from Maine.

And two, the supreme court nominee.#


 Rushing to collusion in the N.F.L.

 Rushing to collusion in the N.F.L.

There is a conspiracy in America’s Sport.

It’s collusion on such a massive an orchestrated scale that it makes the Mueller matter chump change.

But now, this NFL cabal is exposed for all the world to see.

ESPN re-affirmed a policy that it and the other TV networks have adhered to for many, many years.

The networks that air professional football will not include in their telecasts the playing, or signing, of the national anthem.

Now, clearly running commercials during the anthem is an avenue to more cash for the networks, team ownership and the league.

However, not showing the anthem in this current climate is much more nefarious than that.

ESPN and the others are attempting to conceal from the American people the truth.

They are providing cover for the malcontent, anti-American athletes on the field – or hiding like cowards in the locker room – who are choosing to disrespect the flag and the anthem and this Republic and we the people.

These networks are shielding from patriotic Americans the radical, anti-constitutional hand gestures by these over-paid fools on the field.

So, what do we have here?

A league that will not act demonstrably to end this subversive behavior by its employees.

A majority of team ownership that cares more about money to be made in this country than acknowledging the people who sacrificed to allow them to get rich.

And a cabal of TV networks who are conspiring to allow all of the above to transpire, shielding the players in their attack on the very people who pay their salaries – the fans.

That… is collusion of the highest and most disgusting degree.#