True and unprecedented government transparency

True and unprecedented government transparency.
The trump White House is blazing an “openness trail” never-before-seen in the history of this Republic.
Unfettered, unedited access to inside our house, the White House.
It’s amazing.
But, unfortunately most Americans don’t know about it and never get to see it.
The “it” is Trump cabinet meetings.
They are being broadcast live – both sound and pictures.
An these events is not your typical media spray.
This latest unvarnished live look inside our functioning government lasted an hour and a half.
This is the real deal, true blue, fly on the wall, look at the workings of the executive branch of our government.
No president has done this prior to trump.
In fact, just the opposite.
The Obama White House deployed a virtual iron curtain of secrecy.
It could have easily done what the Trump Administration is doing.
Instead, team Obama chose to conceal from “we the people” the inner working of the Article Two branch of government.
It would be nice if all television networks aired these historical events.
However, just like the Obama administration, the mainstream media choses to conceal the truth from the American people.
And the truth is, by opening up the people’s house to live TV, the Trump White House is – bar none – the most transparent presidential administration in history.


Peter Strzok, the victim

Peter Strzok, the victim.
Yes, disgraced, former FBI agent Peter Strzok is a victim.
Poor guy, he’s so broke apparently, he’s got to beg like a loser for money.
In case you haven’t heard, there’s a Go-fund-me account for Strzok ostensibly to pay for his legal fees.
The so-called “Friends of Special Agent Peter Strzok” – who could also be called partisan hacks for Peter Strzok – set-up an account for the little fellow.
And, over the course of just the first day, Strzok accumulated more than $300,000.
Not bad for the first unemployment check.
But, Strzok has even greater ambitions.
Not enough.
At this rate, he might eclipse a cool million dollars.
And many of these donations are rather small.
Ten dollars is common, which just goes to show you that P. T. Barnum was correct.
But Peter Strzok is not just broke financially; he’s bankrupt philosophically and morally.
Clearly, he does the harm he has caused, otherwise he would have gone quietly into the night.
He obviously thinks that he’s been wronged.
So, yes indeed former agent Strzok is a victim – a victim of himself.


The folly of cutting taxes while increasing spending

The folly of cutting taxes while increasing spending.
When the house-hold income drops – say from a pay cut at work, a bad month on the sales floor – what do most Americans do?
Most Americans cut-back on spending, especially discretionary, non-essential.
This kind of budgeting is one of the laws of basic economics.
However, on Capitol Hill, in Washington D.C., basic economics is being shredded by our temporary politicians – primarily Republicans.
The G.O.P. has had control of the purse-strings since 2010.
Yet, today we are witnessing the greatest deficit-spending, the greatest debt in world history.
That’s right, in the history of mankind, no nation on earth has spent more money that it does not have than this current Congress.
Year over year for the month of July, spending is up nearly ten-percent.
300-billion dollars for the month of July.
50-billion of that for defense, the primary job of the federal government.
110-billion for social security and Medicare.
35-billion – and growing – on interest on the debt.
Those are the payments that will, in the end, crush our government – social security, Medicare and interest on the debt.
Sure, cut taxes.
It is the moral and constitutional thing to do.
But it is immoral, and should be unconstitutional, to continue to increase deficit-spending knowing that the laws of economics always prevail over the laws of politics.#


Radical chip off the well-respected Islamic block

Radical chip off the well-respected Islamic block.

One of the child abusers who was training children to become young jihadists in America and who was arrested in New Mexico, is the son of a well-know Muslim cleric in New York.

Siraj Wahhaj is the name of the Imam.

He is the leader of The Muslim Alliance in North America.

And yes, Siraj Wahhaj is considered by some as “well respected”.

Siraj Wahhaj was born Jeffrey Kearse in Brooklyn.

He was raised a Christian but converted to Islam.

This is what he reportedly peaches: capital punishment, such as stoning, for adultery.

Cutting off of hands for thievery.

He has said that “Islam is better than democracy.

And Islam to prevail over every kind of system, including ours.

And so, where did his son, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, who is facing multiple felony charges, get his radical, anti-American indoctrination?

Anybody want to guess?

So, this well-respected, well-known cleric is spreading his word to this day – to this minute – in New York.

The good guys caught one of his flock.

Question is:

Who have they not?#



  The reason for regular order and a balanced budget

  The reason for regular order and a balanced budget.

The great threat to this Republic is the manner in which it is run at the federal level.

A fiscal harmonic convergence is underway that should make all Americans physically ill.

Right now, agencies within the federal leviathan are trying to figure-out how to spend billions and billions of dollars in unused funding.

Yes, the bureaucracy is looking-for excuses to spend our money.

They’re gone three quarters on a tight budget.

But, here in the fourth quarter, suddenly there’s let-over tax-dollars that these agencies must spend or they risk a smaller operating budget the next fiscal year.

In other words, use it or lose it.


And the reason for this extra cash is because of the congressional gift of the omnibus spending plan – the giant, bloated, deficit-spending package that President Trump held his nose in order to sign it.

Thanks to the omnibus, our government will need to borrow somewhere in the neighborhood of 800-billion dollars in order to pay for all of this last-minute spending.

So, think about it.

Our government is borrowing three-quarter of a trillion dollars and these agencies are finding excuses to spend that money.

Clearly, the system is broken.

We simply can not keep operating our federal government in this manner.

It is fiscal insanity.

Congress must be forced into balancing the budget and forced to budget via regular order – department by department.

Otherwise, today’s fiscal threat will become tomorrow economic disaster. #


A necessary pro-active attack on next generation, terrorist threat

A necessary pro-active attack on next generation, terrorist threat.

Did you hear about the wedding in Pakistan?

Oh this was a glorious, high-profile union.

Everybody over there is talking about it.

Oh yes.

Two celebrities.

Two household names.

Yes, even in America, they are well-known families.

The groom:

Hamza bin Laden.

The bride’s last name is “Atta”, as in Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker, terrorist from the September 11-th attacks.

And of course, Hamza bin Laden is none-other-than the son of Osama.

And, the “wedding gift” that the young bin Laden wants to receive most from al-Qaida is the chance to avenge the death of his father.


A match made in heaven…which is where we should send them.

Right now, right away.

Don’t give these two any honeymoon period.

Take them out before this new generation of cut-throats… does exactly that.#


The un-social, social-media generation

The un-social, social-media generation.

Another warning-shot for parents who give their children electronic devises as a replacement for human interaction.

A senior research fellow at Oxford University is sounding the developmental alarm bells.

Baroness Greenfield has concluded, frankly, the obvious.

Greenfield finds that children who constantly use electronic devises to access social media – among other items on the internet – are losing their ability to think for themselves.

These children are also finding it harder and harder to empathize for and communicate with each other.

Now, this is a problem.

It’s a problem for these children.

But it’s also a problem for us.

These kids are our future.

They will one-day run government, fight wars, and raise children of their own.

Shudder the thought!

These parents who allow their children to become hooked on cell-phones and ipads and spend vast amounts of time on social media are committing child abuse

They are putting the future of this Republic at risk because they are lazy.

Sure, give them a cell-phone to play with at dinner to shut them up.

But look at the long-term, destructive consequences.

These parents are creating an entire generation of social and mental midgets.

And because of it, one-day we will all pay the price.#


The enemy of the people

The enemy of the people.

Why would Donald Trump label the mainstream media as enemies?

Why would he use such strong terms to describe the modern incarnation of one of our rights enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

The answer is the mainstream media are enemies of the people.

They are guilty of misrepresenting themselves to the public.

For many, many decades now, the mainstream media have claimed to be objective, unbiased reporters.

But, nothing could be further from the truth.

By and large, the journalists and reporters covering the news are in that industry to “make an impact” – not simply be our eyes and ears – but to leave a mark on society.

The vast majority are registered Democrats who support that party’s radical agenda.

That is why the coverage of events or issues is so one-sided.

During our nation’s founding, the press identified themselves for who they were: members of a certain political group or persuasion.

They didn’t hide behind the phony moniker of being unbiased.

They admitted that they were bias because they were and because they were human with subjective view-points.

Today’s media lie to the American people about being fair and balanced.

They are not.

And because of it, the mainstream media are doing damage to the first Amendment and to our civil society when they ruthlessly attack the 45th President.

So, yes, the President is correct.

The media are the enemy.#


Positive Trump history repeating its Reagan self

Positive Trump history repeating its Reagan self.

Do not believe the liberal mainstream media.


This past week is particularly emblematic of the reporting malpractice- the duel reality – that engulfs the 45-th president.

The yellow journalists are trying to paint last week as harmful to president Trump, i.e. the ambulance -chancing, Nixonian-recording attorney, Michael Cohen.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is the president achieved some very important milestones.

On free – or free-er – trade, the president is winning.

His strategy of using tariffs as leverage to gain favorable trade deals, appears to be paying off.

On the economy, the mainstream media making the robust GDP number a veritable footnote, while they fixate on Cohen, and Stormy Daniels for the millionth time.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

All mis- and dis- information.

In fact, its 1983 all over again.

They did this to president Reagan, back then.

And they’re attacking president Trump in similar fashion.

But we know our history.

And in 1984, Reagan won the biggest landslide re-election, in modern American history.

History is repeating economically.

And if enough Americans use their hearts to see the truth like we did in 1984, history will also repeat politically.#


The “art of the tariff-war deal”

The “art of the tariff-war deal”.

President Trump seems pretty confident about this brief and building tariff war.

He’s so confident, in fact, that when he says have patience, be cool, and that things will turn out well in the end, we should believe him.


The answer is because he’s been here before in the private sector.

Think about it: a trade agreement is tantamount to a building contract.

And right now, Team Trump is haggling over the cost of the construction phase.

Tariffs are the negotiation tool to achieve a profitable building contract.

And this 12 billion dollar stop-gap subsidy to farmers is nothing more than a construction bridge loan.

How many construction contracts, how many tough land development negotiations, how many bridge loans has Donald Trump negotiated – in private and behind closed doors – over the past several decades?

And now did these deals turnout?

More often than not, they turned out pretty well given the fact that the President is a Billionaire.

So, let’s give the President the benefit of the doubt on trade just like we would trust him on turning an old dilapidated building in Manhattan into a thriving, beautiful money maker.

Let’s give him some time to let him work the “art of the tariff war deal”.#