Amazon’s primed liberty-based decision to move to New York.

Posted on: November 30, 2018 at 6:24 am

Why did Amazon choose the two locations – the Big Apple and Chrystal City, Virginia – for its centers of operation?

Well, for Chrystal City, it’s obvious:

Reagan national Airport is literally a stone’s throw away from Chrystal City.

There’s also plenty of office and warehouse space available.

And, that location keeps Amazon in the national’s capitol region.

Now, for New York city.

Why would any company re-location to a business disaster zone like that?

High taxes.

High cost of living

High cost of doing business.

Sure, NYC is America’s flagship city, but living and working there comes at an extreme price – both in cost and liberty.

Well, the answer is tax breaks.

That’s right.

Amazon has been promised by New York City a total of $1.5 BILLION in tax incentives for hiring tens of thousands of workers at new headquarters.

In other words, the commie mayor of New York did for Amazon what the socialist mayor of Los Angeles did for the film industry.

They both lowered taxes for the sake of attracting their business.

And in both cases, it has worked.

So, what does this tell New York and Los Angeles, and all of California and all of the empire state?

It should tell them that if they lower taxes, then business booms.

Indeed, the only reason Amazon chose the Big Apple for one of its two locations is because the deal was primed by the reality that for once New York rejected massive redistribution of wealth and embraced economic liberty.