Counting the partisan ways the Democrat House majority will attack the 45th President.

Posted on: November 30, 2018 at 6:23 am


I hope the White House is ready for this…

I hope the president’s legal team is prepared to play political whack a mole with the Democrat leadership in its effort to embarrass and degrade in order to destroy President Trump.

Come January next year, the Democrat controlled House and the Democrat-controlled committees are going to deluge the Trump White House with subpoenas and requests for information as part of a set-up to find phony, partisan reasons to accuse the White House of “obstruction”.

Oh yes, it’s coming.

And we already know the Democrat’s anti-Constitutional hit list.

They are pledging to “investigate” all matters Trump, from the Travel Ban, to sending troops to the border, from the firing James Comey to requesting the resignation of Jeff Sessions.

And it is all driven by one thing:

Political power.

The Democrats wish to destroy the 45-th president.

One way or another, that is the goal.

And if there is any doubt in anyone’s mind about this politically-driven attempt at harming the commander in chief, duly elected by 65-million Americans and a majority of electoral votes, take not of what is at the top of the Democrats list of “things to do” to the President.

Tax returns.

The Democrats are fixated with Donald Trump’s tax returns.

There’s no reason for Nancy Pelosi to go after President Trump’s tax returns except to attempt to harm him.

There’s no national security or breech of fiduciary duty reason.

So, as we count the ways the Democrat House majority will attack Donald Trump, remember that none of what they want to probe amounts to a violation of the Constitutional duties carried-out by the 45-th President.#