The Republican Constitutionally weak plan for the lame duck Congress.

Posted on: November 30, 2018 at 6:28 am

Lets see now…

If you were Paul Ryan or possibly the chair of a committee – say oversite – and you knew that your majority in the House of Representatives would vanish in fewer than 40 days, what kind of agenda would you set?

If we up to me, I would go pedal to the metal all things Connotational and all policy matters Trump.

Sure, there would have to be a priority list.

At the top of that list would be closing the loopholes in immigration law the allow illegal immigrants from certain countries to fell like they have a right to enter our house without an invitation.

I would repeal the 1965 Hart Celler Act which opened to door to many of the immigration problems that we have today.

I would pass a bill that clarifies the 14th Amendment that would end the misunderstanding and/or misinterpretation by people into believing that “anchor babies” are Constitutionally legitimate.

And I would fund the wall.

That’s a starter list and it’s completely realistic if the GOP had a spine and if it had its priorities straight.

It is obvious they do not.

Sure, there is talk of passing legislation that would give of e-verify, but do not hold your breath.

But do you know what Trey Gowdy wants to do – with Paul Ryan’s approval, of course?

As chairman of the House Oversite committee, Gowdy wants to spend the remaining 12-days of the legislative calendar on a very important and constitutional matter:

Ivanka Trump’s personal email use while in the White House.


To Mr. Gowdy and Mr. Ryan “that” is of utmost importance to this Republic’s national security and its Constitutional future.

Ivanka Trump’s emails.

Yes, indeed, the Republican plan for the final weeks of the 115th Congress is as politically lame as a dying Constitutional duck.#