McCabe’s Constitutional Problem

Posted on: March 10, 2019 at 6:14 pm

  The brash, unconstitutional threat to trigger the 25th Amendment.

   It is repugnant to watch this Andrew McCabe traverse the country -and the airwaves – hawking his book which contains a blueprint for prosecution against this guy.

  It is constitutionally perverse.

   McCabe – the former number two at the FBI – in a very cavalier fashion is recounting the events surrounding the firing of his former boss, James Comey.

   McCabe is detailing how he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ran through a series of options in order to invoke the 25th Amendment of the united states constitution.

   They were counting cabinet heads.

   They discussed logistics.

  And they even looked at wearing a wire – a recording devise – to ensnare Donald trump into delivering some kind of ‘evidence’ that would legitimize their attempted coup.

   That’s what this was – an attempted coupe de ta of a sitting, duly-elected president of the united states.

   The truth is the FBI and the DOJ have no role in triggering the 25th Amendment.

  None, zero, nada.

  It is a function of the president’s cabinet and of congress.

  In other words, McCabe was violating the constitution by merely discussing it.

  This should be unacceptable for all Americans.

  This is tantamount to treason.

  Come on … McCabe works under the chief executive.

Yet, no one is holding this man – and the other members of the mutiny like Rosenstein – accountable.

   Who will prosecute these people?

   McCabe should be looking at spending the royalty money from his book from behind bars.

   Instead, he is bragging about his unconstitutional attempt to take-out President Trump.