Nancy Pelosi’s ‘not worth impeachment’ lie.

Posted on: March 20, 2019 at 8:17 pm

   The ‘not worth impeachment’ lie.

     So old Nancy Pelosi says she is not in favor of impeaching the 45-th president.

   Pelosi claims its ‘not worth it’.

   Do we believe her?

   Is the speaker of the house being honest, or, is she playing a political game?

   Well, the answer is a-little of both.

  When Pelosi comes out and says it’s not worth the political effort to impeach president trump, she is giving phony political ‘cover’ to democrat members of the house, who will be running in pro-trump states, in 2020.

   Ah, but on the other hand…

  Pelosi would like to see nothing more, than a successful impeachment trial of president trump… ‘If’ is does not backfire on her party.

  Remember, Bill Clinton not only survived an impeachment trial in the senate, but his approval numbers actually went up, following the failed attempt.


  Pelosi is playing ‘good cop’…

   Publicly, she has always indicated that she’s not gung-ho for impeachment.

 But that’s just for show.

   ‘This way’ the speaker of the house, can ‘distance’ herself from the rabid, radicals in her party, who wish to bring-forth articles of impeachment, today… before ‘she’ is ready to trigger the constitutional process.


   Nancy Pelosi is lying.

   She is dying to impeach the 45-th president.

   It’s simply ‘not worth it’ at this moment in time to admit it.#