Why we must educate the constitutionally mal-informed masses

Posted on: March 26, 2019 at 5:18 pm

Why we must educate the constitutionally mal-informed masses.

  There is a devastating new survey out that highlights the growing ‘fisher’ between the American people and our founding document.

   That is, at least, the numbers are devastating for folks who care about the future of this republic and the liberty that it is designed to protect.

   This questionnaire was commissioned by Samuel Hubbard, the shoe company.

    It found that one-quarter of those asked did not know how many Amendments ‘make up’ the Bill of Rights.

   The answer is ten, of course.


   One in five – or 20-percent – wasn’t even familiar with the term ‘Bill of Rights’.

   This survey parallels others that reveal that Americans simply do not know their Constitution.

  After ‘free speech’, fewer than 15-percent can name the other four rights protected by the First Amendment.

   This would explain why so many Americans are willing to give up these rights.

  They don’t even know what rights the Constitution protects.

 They don’t understand what rights they possess in this Republic.


   If Americans do not know what rights they have and why they have them, then it’s much easier for the ‘fascist left’ to attack them… and, ultimately, strip them.

   But this Constitutional ignorance is deliberate byproduct of years and years of dumbing-down our society.

  The radical fascist left ‘wants’ the masses to be mal-informed so that they can impose their anti-liberty, socialist ideology upon we the people.

   And, its going to work, unless we can ‘take back’ our schools, from the clutches of the anti-Constitutionalists and ‘teach’ the founding document so that the masses will no-longer be mal-informed.