The Undeclared War at the Border

Posted on: April 1, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    Turning the national emergency at the border, into an undeclared war.

   This effort to beat-back the on-going invasion of illegals into this republic, shouldn’t be relegated to the president declaring an emergency, in order to build the wall.

  This is a full-blown, five-alarm, good-old fashioned attack on this republic.

  And, as such…

   There should be a mobilization of all federal assets in order to block the invasion from the south of these illegal aliens.

   After all, for our border agents, these are war-like conditions.

  The centers for disease control-  the c-d-c – should declare an emergency.

   Cases of the mumps and t-b are suddenly flourishing, because these illegals are bringing these diseases with them.

  Even further…

   The department of homeland security should respond with a post 9-11 type game-plan, utilizing all available federal assets, with the goal of stopping this attack.

   All the departments should have a piece of this.

   How about weaponizing the e-p-a?

   Isn’t this an environmental emergency?

  They are destroying our property – our habitat.

   And what about the department of education?

  These illegals are overwhelming our schools.

   And so on…

   Mobilize all of government for this federal emergency, just like this country did in world war two.

 Get on an actual war-footing.

  If not government, how about  a citizen’s army – aka that ‘well armed militia’, that the constitution protects.

 Repel the invaders.

   This ‘is’ a full-blown, national emergency.

   The president should pull-out all the stops, in the federal arsenal, with the goal of treating the crisis at the border ‘as it is’:

    An undeclared war.#