Losing religion, losing this republic

Posted on: April 16, 2019 at 5:01 pm

Losing religion, losing this republic.

   During this “Holy Week”, the most crucial time in the Christian faith, God is slipping away from the hearts and minds of U.S. citizens.

   More than 23-percent of Americans now say they adhere to no religion.


   That’s darn-near one-quarter of our population.

   Compare that to people who say they are Catholic, which is right at 23-percent… or evangelical which is also 23-percent.

   These are stunning numbers.

   And, this trend is an equally stunning reversal of what ‘had been’ the back-bone of this constitutional republic:

   A Judeo-Christian foundation.

   If there is any doubt about why a teenager walks into a school and guns-down his classmates, then let this ‘loss of religion’ be a large part of the answer.

   We, as a society, have removed God from the classroom and virtually every other non-private component of American life.

   God, guns, and the constitution.

  All three have been, and continue to be, under assault by the ‘fascist left’.

  And, so this is the result.

   America is fast-becoming a secular society.

   The framers of the constitution would be shocked and would be rightfully alarmed because they understood, that the basis for this entire republic, is the bible.


   Religion… that’s why they protected it in the first amendment.

    We are literally losing our religion, and when that goes, so goes the United States.