How The Invasion At The Border Ends!

Posted on: May 12, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    The bitter ending to the assault of humanity on this republic.

  How does this invasion at the border end?

 What does it look like?

  Another caravan is coming.

   Word that at least one-thousand more soon-to-be-illegals, are embarking on the trip north, to our border, to violate our sovereignty.

    And where’s the congress?

   This group was preceded by dozens of other caravans… And it will be followed by dozens more.

    The flood of humanity is increasing, not ebbing.

   And so where’s the congress?

   The word is out in Honduras and Guatemala and el Salvador….

   If they can just get to the border, and if they can bring a golden ticket with them – aka a child – then they’re in to the united states.

   They will be processed, given some paper-work, a notice to appear with no date on it, and ‘poof’ they’re ‘in’, and can travel freely in our country… grab one of our drivers licenses… seek government assistance at all levels…. put any of these children in our schools…and go to the emergency room when they have a cold.

    It’s a beautiful thing.

   How can we blame them from wanting to come here.

   Where’s the congress?

   Only congress can end this attack on our civil society and rule of law.

  Fact is…

   It ends constitutionally one of two ways;

  Congress either does its job , or it does not.

  And if congress refuses to execute its constitutionally prescribed mission, then “that” leaves two possible bitter endings:

   One, we the people take matters into our own hands.

   Or two, we the people ‘lose’ this, the most prosperous nation on the planet – forever.