The gender trend toward bigger government that must be reversed

Posted on: May 12, 2019 at 7:13 pm

The gender trend toward bigger government that must be reversed.

   Despite this republic being founded on the bedrock principle of limited government, there is a certain sector of this society, that is increasingly “in favor of” a federal government that doubles as a ‘nanny state’.


   We have 12-years of data, that proves, this trend, thanks to pew research.

  In 2007…

   49-percent of American women, supported bigger government offering more services.


   58-percent of women want bigger government.

   That’s stunning.

   Is this a nurturing thing?

   If it is…it’s misplaced.

   Nurturing should take place at home, or at church, or at school…

   …not in, or by, government.


 This alarming trend of women ‘for’ big government, is buffeted by… Men.

   Yes, the ‘y’ chromosome, appears to better comprehend, overall, the concept of american, rugged individualism, and the necessity in this constitutional republic of ‘limited government.

  In 2007..

  53- percent of men wanted smaller government.


  It’s 59- percent.


   The voices of reason, sorry ladies.

   Apparently, its time to educate American females why the framers rejected big government, and why limited government, is so important to liberty.