The phony, anti-constitutional effort to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump

Posted on: May 12, 2019 at 7:14 pm

The phony, anti-constitutional effort to prevent the re-election of Donald trump.

   Partisan hack leaders of 17-blue states – these would be states lead by democrats – are working behind the scenes to illegally block a second term for president trump.

  17-states… Have crafted legislation that would ostensibly keep the president off the ballot in 2020, if he does not release his tax returns.

   No joke.

   They’re saying no tax returns, no room for Donald trump on the ballot.

  It’s both unbelievable and unlawful.

  The democrats are now weaponizing our precious right to vote.

    Four states, including California, of course, Hawaii, Illinois and Washington state… Have already passed such lawless legislation.

   So, where are the good people of those states?

   Have they no shame?

  Have they no sense of right and wrong?

   No respect for the founding document?

   The constitution is clear on this matter.

   There are only a couple of ‘qualifying requirements’ to run for president…

   …35-years-old, and a natural born citizen.

  If the framers had wanted ‘tax returns’ as one of the qualifiers, then they would have ‘inked’ it.

   Of course, in 17-87, there was no income tax… But that’s another anti-constitutional matter.

 These states can-not simply re-write the constitution.

   These moves by blue states are an attack on our ‘electoral system’.

   They’re an attack on our fundamental right to vote.

   They are wholly, 100-percent unconstitutional.

  And, they are purely partisan and symbolic.

     In other words, it aint gonna work.