Red States Wake Up! What Happened in California Will Not Stay in CA! Ledger Report 1159

Posted on: September 17, 2021 at 11:16 pm

The Marxist-Democrat machine stole the 2020 presidential election by focusing on a few key precincts in a few key counties in a few key states. The Marxist-Democrat playbook has been for many years now to focus on key counties in once Red States in order to “flip” those once GOP strongholds Blue. Virginia is a great (and horrible) example of this nefarious attack plan producing politically abundant results. It’s all about the numbers. And, that brings us to California and the recall attempt of governor Gavin Newsom: it never had a chance. Why? Answer: the numbers. Graham Ledger talks with recall gubernatorial candidate Sam Gallucci about the root of the Marxist problem in California and how to guard against this cancerous, anti-constitutional threat spreading into Red States. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here: