Ledger for Life


As an American, the only thing more important than the United States Constitution is life itself. God breathed life into the framers of the Constitution in order for them to create a more perfect Union for His people on earth. It is my belief, as a Constitutional Conservative, that we must protect life at all costs. It is also my belief that we are facing a modern-day government funded, government protected, and government induced Holocaust of our time: abortion.

Ledger for Life! is my effort to fight for the lives of those who have no voice – and no vote – in the abortion industry. Ledger for Life! supports Pregnancy Resource Centers (about PRCs) and their incredible work (often through ministry) in helping guide young, abortion-minded women to choose to protect their unborn babies instead of suck these human beings down a sink or sell these babies to ghoulish, inhumane and unethical fetal tissue doctors and scientists.

Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) offer young women the moral guidance and medical assistance that they need to nurture the lives that are growing in their wombs. However, these not for profit PRC’s virtually all operate on a financial shoe-string.  Ledger for Life! is giving these PRCs financial support in their effort to win the hearts and minds of young women of all races, religions, politics and financial status so that they reject death and chose life! Proceeds from your purchases of “Ledger Loot” on GrahamLedger.org go directly to PRCs in need. Or, you can make a direct donation. Thank you!