Defying the framers on impeachment

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    Defying the framers of the constitution on impeachment.

   The radical democrats on capitol hill are attempting to use the courts to build a case against the 45-th president of the united states.

   But, that’s not what the constitution prescribes.

   And, it’s not what the framers of the constitution designed.

   They rejected using the article three branch of government to decide the fate of the article two branch.

   How do we know this?

   The federalist papers.

   Number 65.

   Alexander Hamilton.

    He says, in federalist 65, that the courts should have no role in impeachment.

   Hamilton also points-out that a president can be held accountable through the courts – that is, liable for prosecution and punishment – only ‘after’ he leaves office.

   In other words, federalist 65…  Is the foundation for the department of justice, and its policy that a sitting president can ‘not’ be indicted.

   And, Hamilton goes on to explain why impeachment should be the domain of congress, with the senate playing the role of the supreme court.

   No-where, in any of the federalist papers is an argument for using the article three branch of government, by the article one branch, to build a case against the article two branch.

  In fact, just the opposite.

   However, that’s what Nancy Pelosi and company are doing.

  And they’re proud of it.

   They’re not trying to hide the fact that they are a bunch of partisan hacks, who are openly defying the united states constitution.

   But, no one on capitol hill is calling them on it.

   No one is saying ‘hey, federalist 65’.

   And, no one is articulating that the democrats are defying the founding document for purely political purposes.