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April 20, 2021

Media Training & Speaking

Media Training:

Success on TV: Graham Ledger has been living it for more than three decades. Graham has done and seen it all as a TV anchor, reporter, writer, producer, manager and a national political talk show host. Performing well on television in front of a camera is an art that can be quantified, shared, taught and executed if the educator is equipped with the proper tools, skills, knowledge, information and “tricks” of the trade. That’s Graham. Yes, there is a “secret sauce” to being successful on television and Graham is willing to share these specific specialties with a select few.


The Ledger Report, featuring Graham Ledger, is now a nationally recognized Constitutionally conservative brand. As such, Ledger is a highly prized and sought after speaker due to his clear, rational, informative, entertaining and Constitutional messaging. Ledger is available to select audiences. Please submit your request to “Book Ledger To Speak” today!